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Pet hates: Are you and your partner ready for a new addition?

Have you thought about kids?


You may as well have kids © BRANDX / Jupiterimages
You may as well have kids © BRANDX / Jupiterimages
If he hasn’t proposed yet, it has to be around the corner. There’s hardly a hurdle that the two of you haven’t overcome in your relationship and as a pair you define the word ‘team’.

The key to your partnership is that neither of you play the blame game and every new challenge you hit as a duo. While adding a dog to the unit will rock the boat for the while (some men feel a little jealous of the attention that a pet takes away from them), it is the perfect step towards moving your relationship forward.

Next step? 2.4 children and a white picket fence.

Advice: Make sure you keep doing what you are doing and be aware that a pet will change the balance of your relationship. If you shower your pet in love, make sure you do the same for your man. It’s also vital to split the responsibilities down the middle – poop duty included.

Best pet:
Your ready for responsibility so you could go for any pet - try your local kennels for a dog or cat that's used to families and young children... it may not be long before that will be a bonus!

Worst pet: Any pet that requires you undivided attention - if you're both working and maybe, just maybe, considering starting a family, such an animal is likely to put a strain on your relationship at present.



Profiles: Have you thought about kids?
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