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Pet hates: Are you and your partner ready for a new addition?

You are ready, but start small


Start small with a rabbit or a guinea pig © PHOTODISC / Jupiterimages
Start small with a rabbit or a guinea pig © PHOTODISC / Jupiterimages
There’s no denying you are creeping closer to domestic bliss and with that could appear the pitter patter of tiny paws. While things have progressed swimmingly in your relationship, don’t underestimate the changes an animal brings.

All of a sudden the focus is not just on the two of you and whereas before you could spontaneously hop on a plane to Paris for the weekend, now you have to think about Fido’s plans.

If you really do feel ready for a pooch – or even a cat – maybe start with something smaller like a rabbit, a hamster or a guinea pig. Cute? Check. Fluffy? Check. Doesn’t require a 6am walk? Check.

Advice: Why not borrow a friend’s dog for the weekend and see how you both react to having another member on the team.

Best pet: Hamster - looking after a hamster is easy enough and you can usually find a hamster sitter if you want to go away for a couple of days.

Worst pet: Great Dane - a large, demanding presence in your life could disrupt your relationship - not matter how cute it is.



Profiles: You are ready, but start small
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