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Test: you and your guilty conscience

Capable of guilt

Capable of guilt

About you: You like things clear and straight, so when difficulties arise you sometimes feel responsible and you tend to apologize and try and make things right. On the other hand, if it's clear you're not to blame you'll make it clear and make sure the truth comes out...

Your strengths: You have logical mind and you can be introspective, so you're well able to weight up the pros and cons and make fair, balanced decisions. Your opinion is highly sought-after by your friends!

Your weaknesses: You hate conflict and you avoid it like the plague. You feel torn between your need for fairness and the temptation to take the blame just to calm the situation down, and this is where you need to watch out. You also tend to just hope that others will see you're right without perhaps going far enough to prove it to them.

How to improve your relationship with guilt: Don't waste time waiting for reassurance! Stick to people like you who are fair and balanced so that you can go out and achieve what you want in life, alongside other genuine people like yourself. 



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Sarah Horrocks
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