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Test: you and your guilty conscience

Guilty conscience

Guilty conscience

About you: As soon as anything goes wrong, you feel somehow responsible and you start looking at what you did wrong. If your best friend didn't call for a month, you'd get yourself into a right state wondering what you said to upset her - you must have done something! You'd turn things over and over in your head and worry about it so much that you couldn't sleep. 

Your strengths: You're very aware of your weaknesses and everyone else's, yet you forgive others and you can't forgive yourself! You have such a great need to be loved that you prefer to take the blame yourself and let other people off the hook. You're very sweet and generous.

Your weaknesses: You're so harsh on yourself that you're putting your self-esteem in danger. You also give people the ammunition to shoot you down with by always being the one to take the blame. 

How to improve your relationship with guilt: Put your excellent critical skills to better use: try analyzing your actions, thoughts and feelings from a more objective angle. Take your mistakes into account by all means, but make a list of the causes and effects - you'll soon see you weren't the only one to blame, if you were even to blame at all. You can't be responsible for everything and everyone.



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