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What does 2011 hold for you?

2011: a year to enjoy yourself


©Rue Princesse
©Rue Princesse

Your mood
Your number one priority right now is pleasure: rewarding, treating and pampering yourself and why the hell not?

You deserve a bit of unashamed hedonism. It's time people stopped seeing you as a push-over.

For you, having fun and doing the things you enjoy is the key to happiness. 

You’re going to look after yourself this year and do what YOU want.

What's in store
This year you’re out to get whatever you want. You'll set aside time and energy for you and you only.

Other people will just have to get used to it and they’ll actually do this more easily than you think.

So treat yourself to that slightly-over-budget handbag – who cares if it won’t be in next year as long as it makes you happy?

"Why not set aside a budget every month to spend on yourself (going out, haircuts, shopping, etc)?" suggests our expert. And don’t feel guilty about it (just don’t go over budget!).

"When you look after yourself, you feel better and you’re better disposed to other people.”

If that’s not a good reason to allow yourself the odd treat, we don’t know what is!

Points to bear in mind
Don’t get stuck in ‘me’ mode and forget about everyone else. Listen to what others tell you and you'll realize if you're getting to the point of navel-gazing. 

"Trust your loved ones to bring you back into line if needs be,” says our expert.
If your other half starts complaining of neglect or your girlfriends start disagreeing with your new philosophy, you can safely assume you’re putting yourself first a bit too much.

And all credit to you for doing your bit for the economy, but maybe 'credit' is the wrong word to use these days...now is not the time to get into the red!

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