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What does 2011 hold for you?

2011: year for change, new starts, new life


Your state of mind
You're going into 2011 with an open mind.

You're ready to embrace change and seize the opportunities which come along. 

You feel like following your instincts in every area of your life, at work and home.

You want to broaden your horizons, change the way you do things and maybe even give your life a bit of a spring clean or even a major overhaul.

What's in store
2011 is going to be hectic. It's true that this year will not be the most relaxing but you're going to surprise, be surprised, laugh, smile and experience all of life's emotions. 

You may meet new people, give yourself a makeover or get in shape, change career or even move to a foreign country. 

Don't listen to the detractors: anything is possible for you in 2011. It's all change for the better!

Points to bear in mind
"Upheavals always bring about stress," says our expert. "Don’t try and change everything at once. Go for a career change when your private life is stable.”

So if you want to move to Thailand to run a guest-house, go for it! But don't use travel or work to escape your personal problems. Put everything in order before you go.

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