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Test: how do you react to the unexpected?

You're fixed

You're fixed

You don't like surprises. You're very organized and plan all your activities a long time in advance so you're not caught off guard. You couldn't invite your friends round at last minute, for example. You'd even turn down a night out just because you'd planned to do your laundry that night! Anything that isn't planned is a source of anxiety for you, and you hate altering your plans. A setback or incident of some sort could spoil your whole day. You know you're not flexible, but you can't help but stay as you are, even is, even though it complicates life.

Our advice:
your uncompromising nature is working against you. Set time aside in your day for spontaneity and unexpected events! Learn to enjoy nice surprises and stop complicating your life. Above all, learn to adapt when necessary.



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