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Intellectual complex, inferiority complex, underestimate

Intellectual complex, inferiority complex, underestimate

Your main character traits
You're quiet, reserved and discreet, not through a lack of things to say but because you think that your job, studies or gaps in your general knowledge prevent you from expressing yourself without coming across as ridiculous. To compensate, you sometimes end up spending whole evenings watching the Discovery Channel...but given that the subjects are often difficult to bring up in conversation, this doesn't really help you much!

Watch out for...
When you try and convince people of your worth, you run the risk of making them think you really are ignorant and uncultured. So you play the nice girl who always agrees with everyone else (when in fact you maybe don't agree, but you daren't express your opinion).

Our advice
Learn to say what you think instead of worrying about what you ought to say. Your biggest asset is your common sense, and it will prevail every time. Try it out during a conversation with friends and you'll realize that nobody will mock you.



Profiles: You have intellectual hang-ups
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