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Physical hang-ups, feeling ugly, low regard for yourself

Physical hang-ups, feeling ugly, low regard for yourself

Your main character traits
You pay a lot of attention to your body and your appearance in general. And you're often unsatisfied with it. On a positive note, paying attention to how you look helps you to know what fashion suits you best, and you have no qualms about ignoring styles that aren't right for you.

Watch out for...
Don't deprive yourself of treats (partying, going to the beach, male attention) because you think you're not slim, pretty or stylish enough. Paying attention to yourself and your body is a sign of good mental health. Punishing yourself when you think you've failed is not the right way to go.

Our advice
All those faults you reckon you have...let them be! Concentrate on your strong points instead. Ask some close friends and family what they think of you, and you'll realize that they don't even notice all those things you think are faults! Your friends will, however, reveal all the positive things that you've never even thought about. And hearing "you've got a beautiful smile" when you're thinking "I've got bags under my eyes" not only makes you feel good, but helps you prioritize. It makes you think to emphasize your lips rather than spending hours trying to cover up imaginary dark circles, which is much more positive!



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