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Is time on your side?
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Take a long hard look at your life...

Take a long hard look at your life...

Accept that you're not superwoman (who is?) and think about your quest for perfection. The perfect woman doesn't exist any more than the perfect man does, so stop striving for something you're never going to achieve. 

When you get home in the evening, try rounding up everything you've achieved today, and without being over-modest, admit to yourself that what you've achieved is really good.

The key: be less demanding of yourself.

Be honest and accept the fact that you have a busy life that's hard to organize, but you manage it well. You're so demanding of yourself that you could end up doing yourself more harm than good by putting so much pressure on yourself. If you're too demanding of your time it can also work against you and have an effect on your physcial health, so stop trying to do everything!


Sarah Horrocks
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Article Plan Is time on your side?

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