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How blonde are you quiz: are you a natural blonde?

Profile: You're a wannabe blonde


a) That's not surprising!
You're well and truly positioned between two colours!

You like the soft but sexy image of blondes and would like to be one but without all the associated clichés... that's what's holding you back a bit.

But have no fear! You just need to work on developing your own personality and shrugging off prejudices.

What's more, you're not the only one who's tempted to "live blonde": 84% of bottle blondes had brown hair to start with!

b) That's surprising! You're already blonde (natural or otherwise) but you don't recognize yourself 100% in the claims mentioned in this quiz.

Your results are a reminder that appearances can be deceiving, something that we should never forget!

The good news: If you really play up your role as a blonde, you could land the job of your dreams. A Lithuanian company is planning on opening a holiday resort in the Maldives and it's to be staffed entirely by blondes!

The bad news: If you think you can escape blonde jokes by not dyeing your hair, think again! We can't always dodge those "dumb blonde" references... and sometimes, we're ashamed to say they're not totally inaccurate.

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Your test result:
Q1 - Do you tend to vote conservative?
You haven't answered this question....
Q2 - In the series Mad Men, do you sometimes identify with the character Betty Draper?
You haven't answered this question....
Q3 - When comparing your salary to that of your female colleagues or friends, do you realise that you earn more than them?
You haven't answered this question....
Q4 - Do men often find you very sexy and sometimes only want you as a casual friend or mistress?
You haven't answered this question....
Q5 - In the Jackie Kennedy-JFK-Marilyn Monroe love triangle, would you see yourself more in the legendary actress's shoes than in the First Lady's?
You haven't answered this question....
Q6 - When you compare your bathroom to your friends' bathrooms, do you realise that yours is overflowing with more pots, tubs and creams than theirs are?
You haven't answered this question....
Q7 - Do people often say that you look a lot younger than you are?
You haven't answered this question....
Q8 - With regards to your man, do you live in fear of a brunette's seduction powers more than a blonde's?
You haven't answered this question....
Q9 - Are you slimmer than the other women in your circle of friends, workplace, etc?
You haven't answered this question....
Q10 - Do you get the impression that men lose their train of thought quite a lot when they're talking to you?
You haven't answered this question....
Q11 - Do you often get the impression that you attract more attention than others when your in a group of people?
You haven't answered this question....
Q12 - Being honest with yourself, do you feel "good about yourself, fresh and young, and ready to approach other people"?
You haven't answered this question....
Your score: 0/12



Results: You're a wannabe blonde!
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