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Sudoku, University Game

Sudoku, University Game

The rules
You've no doubt seen people absorbed in a game of Sudoku on the train, plane or even the beach! Sudoku first came about at the end of the Seventies but it's only recently become a global craze. The aim is to fill the grid with numbers between 1 and 9 in the right places. Sudoku is now available as a board game, and when you're racing against your opponent to fill your grid out first, it's all about quick thinking!

Who's it for?
If you're into amateur cerebral gymnastics, you'll love Sudoku. It gives the old grey cells a good workout, so if you shone at maths and logical thinking at school you'll enjoy it.

Who with?
There are millions of Sudoku addicts out there, so you'll have no problem finding an opponent! If you can't persuade anyone in your family to play, you're sure to have a few friends who'll oblige.


Sarah Horrocks
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