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General knowledge, clever, brainy

General knowledge, clever, brainy

About you
You're thirsty for knowledge and you live to learn. Your curiosity knows no bounds! You love films, the theatre, painting, music, and all types of art. Your library is bursting with literary classics and you're always up for discovering new writers. You're mad about history and you can easily memorize dates and figures from every historical period. You're very cultured and you're known as 'the brainy one' in your friendship group.

Your playing style
You enjoy games that test your general knowlegde, such as the classic Trivial Pursuit - perfect for testing all those facts you pick up! You'd also enjoy Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, which is now available as a board game. It's just a shame you don't win real money...you could be in with a good chance! You love word games too, so you'd love Scrabble.

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Sarah Horrocks
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