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What sort of social networker are you?

Practical networker

Practical networker
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Your profile
You're honest and loyal. You like doing things properly. Serious, methodical and rational, you're not easily overcome by your emotions. You don't have tons of mates, but you have a few really good friends who you know you can count on.
The same goes for love: you go for loyalty, respect and solidarity over mad fleeting passion. At work, you're always organized and motivated. Your boss knows he can rely on you and you know you're in full control of your career direction.

Your web ways
You see social networking sites as interesting tools, as long as they're practical and efficient. You can't be doing with wastng time on virtual friends who have no place in your future. You generally don't surf the web for fun, but you use it as a source of information, in your personal and professional life (shopping online, emails, cinema showings, train reservations).

Sites to try
- For work-related affairs, take a look at www.LinkedIn.com, a business networking site that lets you develop contacts and track down job opportunities. You create a profile with details of your qualifications, capabilities and career aims.
- Create your own virtual 3D CV and make your profile the first step in the recruiting process on Badoo. See www.badooers.badoo.com
- If you're searching for your soulmate, try www.consumating.com to find people who share the same interests as you.

Plus: check out our very own wewomen social network, where you can create your own personal page and build up your circle of friends!



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