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Quiz: What father/daughter relationship do you have?


 - Quiz: What father/daughter relationship do you have?
The father/daughter relationship is one of the most important, but potentially the most complicated relationships of your life.

Whether you get on like a house on fire or have a rather frosty relationship, the dynamics between you and your dad can be a real eye-opener for how you act behave.

Recent studies have shown that the relationship between a daughter and her father is directly linked to her self esteem and can be incredibly influential in other aspects of life.

Dr. Sandra Wheatley, expert Psychologist says: “Really your father is your dry run for life, whether you are heterosexual or not. The fact of the matter is that you’re going to have to deal with men throughout your life and your dad is your test run to try out your male relationships.

“Whether that is at work or home, your father is your key to seeing how they think and behave in life and the starting point for you to relate to men,” she says.

So to find out what kind of father daughter relationship you have, answer the following questions and remember – be honest!


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