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Presents for oneself, giving presents you like, personal presents

Presents for oneself, giving presents you like, personal presents
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My presents
You love shopping, so buying a present is a bit like an extra session of retail therapy. You have fun searching for presents that your loved ones will appreciate...and you buy them presents you'd buy for yourself. You're on the right track because you obviously care, but your philosophy isn't always sound. 

The problem is that quite often your presents only suit yourself, and disappoint others. You can't understand why your beloved isn't over the moon about the 1930s art deco lamp you've got him. You think he's being awkward and feel rejected. 

What to do 
Giving a present doesn't mean giving your own ideal; you need to put yourself in the other person's shoes for 5 minutes (or however long it takes!) and find something they'd love. If you want to show your nearest and dearest how much you love them, forget your own ideas and accept that they have different ones. Throughout the year, keep an eye on what your loved ones wear, what they like reading and what they love doing, and use these clues to guide you in your choice. 

Read what our expert has to say about giving presents you'd like yourself.



Profiles: Your presents are chosen for yourself!
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