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Useful practical presents, giving presents, advice

Useful practical presents, giving presents, advice

My presents
Shopping really isn't your thing! Buying presents is part of the Christmas tradition, and you're pretty rational about it. You don't like useless trinkets and you go for something that will come in useful: an iron for your sister if hers is broken, a stapler for your other half's office, an English dictionary for your Spanish sister-in-law, and so on and so forth. Your presents aren't always appreciated, but at least you know they'll always come in handy, and that's what counts to you.


Offering useful gifts is a way of immersing yourself in others' lives, and can even be seen as a way of imposing your ways and values on them. Buying your mum a blender reminder her of her role as housewife, for example, which won't make her feel very valued! Maybe a lack of love makes you as hard on other people as you are on yourself.

What to do 
Make sure you choose presents that look good, like stylish designer blender rather than a standard white one, or a pretty sweater rather than a plain white blouse. Giving high quality or original presents will add a bit more soul to your gifts and make them more magical.

Read what our expert has to say about giving pratical gifts.



Profiles: Your presents are useful, and reflect your personality
Sarah Horrocks
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