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Presents too extravagant, OTT, need for recognition

Presents too extravagant, OTT, need for recognition

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Giving is pretty much your role in life. As Christmas gets closer you start to feel the pressure mounting. You start looking for gift ideas weeks in advance, as if your life depended on it! You can't bear getting it wrong, so you always go for the 'more is more' approach: the best, biggest, coolest, most expensive gifts you can find. The closer you are to someone, the more you give. You hate it if someone outdoes you in the gift stakes. 

Giving so much means you're in constant need of love. But you end up living beyond your means, and you get a hard knock if the receiver doesn't like what you've bought them - you get angry with yourself and the other person doesn't understand why.

What do to 
Tone it down! Instead of breaking the bank buying extravagant gifts, think about what your loved ones got you last year to get an idea of the right budget you need for each person - aim to spend the same as they spend on you. Ask them for a list of ideas, without asking them to be too precise. You'll be sure to make them happy that way, which is the whole point of giving a present! 

Read what our expert has to say about giving extravagant presents.



Profiles: Your presents are too extravagant (too big, expensive or over the top)
Sarah Horrocks
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