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You see your body as temple. You spend a lot of time and energy working on it, and you are prepared for a little pain to gain the results you want.

You love it when people notice your body because of all you've gone through to achieve it. You believe people should take responsiblility for their bodies and treat your own body with the respect it deserves.

Your beauty/body rituals:

People are intimidated by your exercise addiction, but you insist you have to go at least three times a week to keep in shape and feel good about yourself.

You like having tone and definition to your shape and working out until your legs turn to jelly is all part of the fun.

You like your body products. After every shower there's a product to rub in to firm, tone, and shape up your bod'. You have a product for every body part in your quest for the perfect cleavage, thighs, stomach, bum, legs, and feet.

You watch what you eat. You prefer fruit and veg, a healthy dose of carbs, and whole grains so you're always making sure you're giving your body goodness from the inside out.

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Profiles: You're in control of your body
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