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Quiz: what's your argument style?

Profile: you don't listen


Your arguments
Your disputes often arise from day-to-day quarrels, but they often end up with you hurling insults and criticisms at each other. If he blames you for something, you retaliate by picking on his faults. Your arguments are heated and often end in tears and slanging matches.

The problem
You don't listen! It's as simple as that! You're convinced you're right so you maintain your position and you end up not really getting anywhere!

Make an effort
Psychologist Yvon Dallaire explains: "You both like adding oil to the fire but you need to learn the art of reconciliation and how to defuse arguments."
Try taking it in turns to calmly explain your grievances and learn to listen and take your partner's criticisms onboard.

To put an end to an argument that's not going anywhere, even if you're convinced you're right, take a new look at yourself and know when to let go. Take some deep breaths and change the subject to something that will bring you closer together ("why don't we take a look at  the photos from our weekend in Prague?").

Expert's advice

"The majority of couples' arguments stem from minor issues, as a result of permanent tension that exists between the partners. By talking things through, you'll discover the reasons for this tension and you'll be able to make them disappear in order to stop your relationship suffering to the point of breaking up."

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Profiles: You don't listen
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