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Alice, 27, manager

"I always thought of myself as the consummate professional - Superwoman, if you will. I don't know whether the people who work for me respect me or fear me, but they certainly don't know that in my personal life I'm the total opposite. 

I let my boyfriend walk all over me. I think I'm unattractive, so how could Phil possibly want me? He's gorgeous and far too good for me - what is he doing with me? I'd do anything to hang onto him: I've dyed my hair, done the things he does, got his nephew a job in my company, turned a blind eye to his affairs...I'd do anything. I even agreed to go to swinger parties with him.

My girlfriends are always trying to persuade me I'm worth more than that and that I should leave him, but I just can't."  

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Sarah Horrocks
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