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Are you too nice?
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How to tell...


 - How to tell...
There's nothing wrong with being kind and generous, don't get us wrong. Generosity is something we appreciate and treasure in other people.

But if your generosity is getting out of hand, you need to start listening to the warning signs...

You feel used? 

You start questioning your friends' motives when, despite everything you do for them, they don't give you anything back. You feel as if you're being used, and it's not a nice feeling!    

People show you no gratitude

When someone calls you for help, you're there right away.

But after you helped your friend move into her new flat and you didn't even get a thank you, let alone an invite to her flat-warming, you start to get the impresison you've got MUG tattooed on your forehead.

You don't expect people to get down on their knees and thank you, but a bit of common courtesy wouldn't go amiss.   

You get depressed

When you feel as if you're being used time and time again, you start to ask yourself who your real friends are. You're not being appreciated for who you are and it's hard to cope with. 

You feel guilty

You can't help yourself: you can't refuse to help people, but when you're physically unable to help you get angry with yourself. You try and make up for it by doing other things to make them forget the one time you couldn't be there. 

You forget your own interests

You get exhausted running around after everyone, you end up in the red and your health suffers. And yet, as soon as anyone calls, you come running! You need to look after yourself. 


Sarah Horrocks
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