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Emily: "I was a complete doormat"


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Emily, 32 ans, antiques dealer  

"Whenever my friends had a problem I'd be the one who came running. I can't stand the idea of leaving someone in need in the lurch. 

I'd go to the other end of the country to baby-sit my sister's baby, keep her company when her husband was away with work and take her out and spoil her when she was having marital problems. All out of love for her and nothing else.

So when I found myself in the same situation - divorced and alone far away from my friends and family - I was gutted when she never even came to see me, not even once! The final straw came when I went to see her and ended up going down with the flu. She sent me straight home because she was worried I might give it to her kids. I cut off all my ties with her and ever since I've taken care only to give my time to the people who really deserve it."

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