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Are you too nice?
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Practical exercises


 - How to overcome it
Learn to give and say yes to the right people
Surround yourself with positive people and by all means be kind and generous to them, within reason. This is only natural for you, because you have a sweet nature, but you need to choose the people you spoil wisely!  

Don't expect anything in return
The golden rule of good will is to never expect something in return, and act out of pure generosity. 

Practical exercises
Train yourself to say no in certain situations. But be careful not to say no systematically just for the sake of it! 
- When your mum starts nagging you about coming round for tea: "Sorry Mum, I haven't got the time and I'm not really feeling like it." 

- When the kids start begging you to get them the latest toys: "No, they're too expensive and you already have plenty."

- When your neighbour calls round to use the Internet again: "Sorry...I can't remember your name. I'm using it right now."  


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