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"My yoga instructor inspired me to lead a better life"

"My yoga instructor inspired me to lead a better life"

Claire, 33, is a graphic designer from London

I was sick of paying hundreds of pounds in gym membership fees only go for the first few months and not set foot in the place for the rest of the year. I'd find any excuse not to exercise! But when a mate asked me if I fancied going to a yoga class with her, I said 'Why not?'. She said 'It'll change your life'. I hadn't expected it to change my life quite so much! To be honest, I'd never been into anything like yoga - I thought I was far too rational and practical for all that 'spiritual' stuff, but I needed to tone up and wanted to get more flexible, so along I went...

An hour later my outlook had totally changed. I went regularly for 2 months, and one evening I was the only one there with the instructor, Megan. We did our session and then went for a drink afterwards. She told me all about her amazing life. She gave everything up to go off and do humanitarian work in India, then came back and started teaching yoga. All of a sudden I felt like I was the one living out of touch with reality, with my life in the City and my rational outlook on things. Without trying to preach, she told me why she eats organic, recycles all her rubbish and buys Fair Trade, and I understood why. Now, like Megan, I do my bit for the planet and I'm trying to get out of the City mindset a bit and see the bigger picture. Some say I've gone all hippy, but I like to think I'm just being responsible!


Sarah Horrocks
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