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"My best mate and I do everything together"

"My best mate and I do everything together"

Anna, 28, is a project manager from London.

My best friend always did better than me. We've known each other since school, and it was always the same - even if she'd copied my work she got the better mark! Anyway, one day, more or less consciously I decided to do the same. First I went and got my hair cut in the same style as her with a little fringe, and really liked it. Then I started to dress like her, in a hippy, boho style. Obviously I didn't buy exactly the same clothes, but we go shopping together and she picks out things for me. Her opinion counts. 

If I've got a date I always call her beforehand for advice, and whenever my boss starts playing up I send her an email to ask her what to do. I don't vent my anger at her, I just need to know what she'd do. 

At first, I thought that her influence would help my self-confidence, but it's had the opposite effect. I feel more and more of a loser, but if I distance myself from my friend I think I'd be completely lost.   


Sarah Horrocks
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