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"My boyfriend tamed me"

"My boyfriend tamed me"

Steph, 30, is a legal adviser from Newcastle.

Before I met Matthew, I only went out with shy, introverted, tortured souls, and while I liked that type of guy, my relationships never lasted for all that long. It always came to a point where I got sick of mothering them. Then I met Matthew. He was really fit, tall, and really self-confident - almost arrogant. It was the last thing I expected, but I fell madly in love with him. I thought I was far too headstrong and rebellious to be with someone like that, but I came to realize that really I was putting on a front to hide behind, and really I was scared. I let him guide me.

I used to think that it was anti-feminist to wear mini-skirts and refused to wear make-up, but now I wear sexy clothes and make-up and I like looking glamorous. I used to think I was this anti-materialistic anarchist as well, and now I love driving around in his convertible...

So what? I don't feel compromised and I don't feel as if I'm not being true to myself. I'm happy. Even if some of my old friends say I've changed and I'm rock'n'roll any more, I'm happier the way I am now. Matthew's got a great job and lots of money and he makes me happy. There's no shame in that! Has he turned me into a middle-class bore? Maybe...but I like it that way!   


Sarah Horrocks
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