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Are you afraid of risks?

You're afraid of risks


You prefer the quiet life
You prefer the quiet life
Rushing headlong into something without prior thought and without good reason is just not in your nature. Tranquility, calm and poise are what you need.

You don't see the slightest advantage to putting yourself in danger. You like everything to be well prepared, organized and in order, and well in advance! 

We live in a society where everything we need is within arm's reach. You've got used to a low-risk existence and you wouldn't quit your comfort zone for anything. 

Your favourite place is your sofa. You're the type who'd rather be in bed ill than out on a mountain in the middle of a storm. 
You like: meditation, board games and walks. 

Advice for you: Take care not to lose your natural vivacity and sink into nonchalence. We need to take calculated risks (there's no point in going from one extreme to the other and being totally recklesss!). Try doing something a bit more active than reading, and take a few risks. It'll make you feel more alive and give you more charisma. 

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