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Are you afraid of risks?

You're not afraid to take a few risks


You like to play it safe
You like to play it safe
You're a thinking sort of person who rarely acts on impulse. A calculated risk-taker, you think about the consequences before you act and you're fairly balanced. 

Be careful about taking risks for others: when someone you love asks you to put yourself in danger for them, you don't think twice about it and you tend to lose your reserve and good judgment.

You avoid well-known risks and adrenaline rushes - they're just not your thing. You've a lot of respect for superhero types who'd rush into a burning building without a second thought, but if it was you you'd probably call the fire brigade! You're a careful person. Your mantra is 'Act when you need to'.

You like: All kinds of sport, as long as you're playing in a team.

Advice for you: You're a long way from being a wuss, but you need to take care not to get stuck in your comfort zone. It's important to push your limits a little and get a taste for different feelings and experiences, so give the odd slightly reckless risk a try and see how it feels.

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Profiles: You're not afraid to take a few risks
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