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Are you afraid of risks?

You love to take risks


You love adventure
You love adventure
A quiet life? Not for you, thanks! You love the feeling you get from taking risks and you can't get enough of it. Without a daily dose of adrenaline, life is worthless and dull. Your mantra: 'always take things one step further.'

Let's be honest: you often play with fire and you laugh in the face of danger. You act on impulse and think about the consequences later, whatever they might be. Ever think you're being a touch selfish?

It's great that you put your energy to good use and take life head on, but making rash decisions does reveal a certain recklessness. Even if the people around you love your boundless energy, they all worry that one day you'll fly too close to the sun and get your wings burnt, as the old story goes...

You like: Acting on impulse, living for the moment, getting into sticky situations and extreme sports.

Advice for you: Ease off a bit! Cut down on the number of risks you take, or learn to manage them better. Daily kamikaze isn't going to get you anywhere in life, unless it's a place in the Guinness Book of Records you're after.

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