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Am I a good friend? Take our quiz to find out


Am I a good friend? Take our quiz!

Whether you're the kind of girl who's always surrounded by the crowd, or you just have a couple of really close friends, friendships are a priority.

 - Am I a good friend? Take our quiz to find out

Friends are like the family you choose for yourself, and you need to look after them.  When you're down, dumped, or desperate, it's your friends who'll be on hand to listen to your troubles, pick up the pieces, and help you get back on track.

You love your friends (love to hate some of them) but are you a good friend yourself?

It's easy to enjoy someone else's company but forget that they sometimes need a shoulder to lean on too. A good friend deserves a good friend!

If your friendship is more about taking than giving, maybe it's time to reassess your attitude and make a special effort to show that you care.

Take our quiz — and be honest! — to answer that nagging question: Am I a good friend?

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