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Quiz: are you ready to accept yourself?

Quiz profile: You firmly intend to accept yourself


Sometimes you hated sushi and sometimes you loved it, and you found yourself supporting both Cameron or Clegg, depending on who was listening.

You tended to agree with everything anyone said and your own beliefs went unheard.

From now on
Because it's tiring to pretend all the time and because your constant stream of lies has left you with your knickers in a twist on more than one occasion ("I hate X Factor? No! Did I really say that?"), you've now decided to accept your opinions and get them out there.

Yes, you find knee-high socks ridiculous and you love Jedward. So what?

What you're going to get out of it

An identity. Yes, that much. It's as if, up until now, you've been the woman without a face, and you've now decided to take your mask off for good in order to let your ideas, disagreements and love for Jedward be heard.

This is the start of a fulfilling, coherent and honest relationship with yourself and with other people, who will finally get to know the real you.

Expert's advice
"Your 'yes' and 'no' replies are elements of your intellectual and psychological identity, they're not universal truths. You can listen to yourself as well as others: be attentive and give credit to the opinions of those around you, and be aware that your own opinions can evolve and become more flexible and enriched as discussions progress."

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Profiles: You firmly intend to accept yourself
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