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Quiz: are you ready to accept yourself?

Quiz profile: You're on the point of accepting yourself


You used to go red over the slightest little thing, you apologized for your absent-mindedness and you always made a point of saying sorry if you'd been in a lousy mood.

You'd go to great lengths to hide your shyness 

From now on
You still make slip-ups, still come across as absent-minded from time to time, still have fits of anger, and still suffer from shyness, but you've now come to realize that that's all part of who you are: take it or leave it.

What you're going to get out of it
Confidence in yourself. Little slip-ups and blunders will always occur to remind you that you're not perfect but you'll understand that instead of fighting your flaws, it's in your best interests to take them in your stride and accept that they make up your identity.

By working on improving this respect for yourself, you'll garner the respect of other people.

Expert's advice
"Don't trap yourself into thinking 'I'm like that and that's all there is to it'. Although certain flaws get in the way of harmony in relationships at work and at home, it's important to see how you can work on these flaws. This doesn't mean going back on everything you stand for, it means evolving towards a better you".

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Profiles: You're on the point of accepting yourself
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