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What happens after death | Near death experiences


© Cher Chevalier
© Cher Chevalier
Chevalier has turned her experience into a positive thing. With the help of more experienced psychics she’s come to terms with her “abilities” and now uses her connection to the spirit world to advise others.

Chevalier believes that reincarnation is the next step after physical death and karma, she says, governs reincarnation.

“Karma is like gravity, you can choose not to believe in it if you want but that won’t stop it being there and acting on you”.

Even so, Chevalier doesn’t believe in advertising or encouraging past life regression or “lifting the veil” as she calls it.

“Most of us aren’t here because we’ve been perfect saints”, she says.

If you’re having reoccurring nightmares, disturbing visions or flashes, which Chevalier believes are often clues to previous identities, exploration into your past life can help but only if it’s causing a problem in your day to day existence.

Though some past life experiences can manifest themselves as positives - for example “being highly gifted” or having a particular skill - for the most part past life experiences significant enough to be remembered in this one are usually traumatic.

“Most of us have enough to worry about in this life already.” She says.

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