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Horse Shoe tarot spread

Horse Shoe tarot spread

The horseshoe spread is pretty straightforward and is a good way to ‘break the ice’ when moving from say a 3-card spread onto more complicated patterns.

Start by arranging seven cards into a pattern so as to form a horseshoe or an inverted ‘V’. To count, start from the left.


  • The first card is for the past events that have affected the query.
  • The second card is for the immediate present and reveals information about the current situation.
  • The third card represents the influences and helps you analyze how various factors have affected the situation.
  • The fourth card helps you identify the obstacles that come in the querent’s path.
  • The fifth card reveals external influences and the attitude of the people that surround the qurent and how they can affect the situation.
  • The sixth card explains the best course of action that the querent can take to overcome the obstacles.
  • The seventh card predicts the possible outcome and discloses how the present situation might turn out to be.
Best used when asking a question that isn’t too deeply psychological, this pattern is a good one  to stick to if you want to stay simple.

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