Tarot card spreads
Celtic Cross tarot spread

Celtic Cross tarot spread

The Celtic Cross is one of the most famous tarot card spreads and a whopping 10 cards are used in this spread so make sure you’re ready!

To start the spread lay five cards in the form of a cross, with a sixth card on top of the centre card and place the remaining four cards vertically beside the cross.

  • The first card which is placed in the centre of the cross represents the present or the querent.
  • The second card which is placed over the first card represents the present challenges faced by the querent or the situations that surround the query.
  • The third card which is placed below the first one reveals the recent past and the situations that led to the query.
  • The fourth card which is placed on the left of the first card reveals the immediate future.
  • The fifth card which is placed on the top of the centre card shows the best outcome of the situation at hand.
  • The sixth card which is placed on the right of the centre card depicts the distant past.
The four vertical cards are sequenced from bottom to top:
  • The seventh card represents the factors that affect the querent directly.
  • The eighth card reveals external factors like friends and family.
  • The ninth card represents the hopes and fears that are associated with the query.
  • The tenth card which is known as the Culmination card represents the final outcome.

As the most popular spread this is the most useful spread in getting a general view of a person or situation, so this is one to master!

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