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Tarot card spreads
Tarot card spreads

Tarot card spreads

Reading tarot is not just about the cards, the tarot card spreads are just as important.

Choosing the right tarot cards spreads from which to divine the future is the starting point on a path of discovery so we thought it would be useful for any budding tarot reader to have a ‘how-to’ of these special card spreads.

In a nutshell, tarot card spreads are a specific physical layout of tarot cards relating to the question that you want to ask, every spread reveals different information.

There are many different variations using different layouts and number of cards so it can seem a little overwhelming.

The layout of the spreads can get a bit complicated as the number of cards increase but the basic idea is that: in the spread each location of the card is numbered and the cards are read in that specific sequence; each location of the card in the spread answers a particular aspect of the question that you ask.

Illustrating your thoughts and desires; events related to your past, present or future these spreads allow you to throw light on anything affecting your day to day and give an insightful guide into how best to act throughout your life.

tarot card spreads address almost every issue you can think of, from love to career, from family to health, from friends to finances- everything that you could possibly want to know! Choosing the right spread for the specific question you wish to address is the jumping off point to any good tarot reading.

Check out our guide to tarot card spreads to decide which one is right for you:

3-card spread
5-card spread
Celtic Cross spread
Horseshoe spread

We’ve given you the basic tarot spread guidelines but the best way to learn tarot for yourself is to practise by doing actual readings for friends and family.

Reading for others is generally more accurate than reading for yourself to begin with as there is a sneaky temptation to lean towards cards and factors that favour your own interests instead of being neutral.

Take time to familiarize yourself with the feel and meanings of the card spreads and always approach a reading with a firm question in mind. Remember, the strength of the readings will depend on the strength of your questions.

We've laid out the four most popualr spreads but they're not the only spreads available so when you feel that you can relate to the spreads and communicate the readings move on to more complex formats.

Ultimately tarot is extremely personal so experiment to find which works best for you!

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