Psychic abilities: Am I psychic?
Qualities of a psychic
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Qualities of a psychic

While Amber believes everyone can attain a certain level of psychic ability, some people are more likely to be open to the idea than others.

"Someone who relates to the world primarily using the right-brain may feel more confident or comfortable with the notion of psychic ability," she says.

"The right-brain is associated with random intuitive, synthesizing, subjective and holistic thinking, whereas the left-brain is associated with logical, rational/sequential, analytical and objective thinking."

Another main quality for a psychic is to be empathetic and aware of other people's feelings.

On the other end of the spectrum, some people's temperaments or tastes may not suit psychic development as much.

"Someone who is very analytical and rational, or who is uncomfortable with introspection or relating emotionally may not feel motivated to develop their psychic ability, though they may be interested in reading about it instead," says Amber.

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