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Common predictions
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Common predictions

You've probably had the experience of 'feeling' that something is going to happen before it does - that's your psychic sense kicking in.

"Predictive information about the future can occur spontaneously," says Amber. "For example, ever had the feeling someone was about to get in touch, only to receive a text from them the next minute?"

This is a common type of prediction that just goes to show we're more in tune with our environment and the people in it than we might think.

Amber suggests another one: "Perhaps one day you decide to take the unusual step of cycling to work instead of taking the tube, only to hear later on about train delays on your normal tube."

Now that could come in handy...

If you're in the habit of getting these 'hunches,' you should probably follow your intuition.

"These mild premonitions or predictions can come out of the blue," says Amber. "If you choose to ignore them, you may later regret not trusting your instincts."

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