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Palmistry might be concerned with the lines on your hands but it's equally important to look at the finger tips as the print can reveal things about the person personality too.

Palm readers call this dermatoglyphics - study of the skin ridges. These are usually found on finger tips but on some hands they can also be found on the palm itself.

There are four major types of finger print: the whorl, the loop, the arch and the tented arch.

The whorl also have two subtypes: 1) The peacock - resembling the eye on a peacock tail feather. 2) The composite - like a yin-yang symbol with loops that embrace each other.

Whorl - Fire element.

Finger tips which feature whorls can denote a person who's domineering and likes to be the boss.

They're dogmatic in their views but spend a lot of time in thought.

Though they can be impulsive it's more likely that they'll act after careful consideration.

Loop - Water element

Denoting flexibility and spontaneity, the loop is the most common of all finger prints.

Often the person will be emotional, empathic and dislike routine or monotony.

A loop can mean the person makes quick decisions without necessarily considering the consequences.

Arch - Earth element

Persons with a majority of arched finger prints can be reticent and dislike discussing their emotions.

They're often practical but rigid with a dislike of change.

It may be more difficult to get to know a person with many arched finger tips as they like to keep themselves to themselves.

Tented Arch - Air element

Many people have a tented arch print on their index finger. It denotes sensitivity, and honesty.

It can also refer to a demanding, perfectionist nature though the bearer is likely to judge themselves more strongly than anyone else.

Persons with this type of print are often impulsive and slightly judgmental.


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