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The minor lines


Minor lines are even less likely to appear on every hand  and are often very faint when they are present so, again, don't panic if you can't find yours.

The Minor Lines

The Line of Saturn / Fate Line
You can usually find the Saturn line, or fate line, above the wrist moving upwards either vertically or slightly across in the direction of the middle finger.

The amount of success a person will enjoy is measured by this line, therefore a long line can be considered as very lucky indeed. It also shows the person's ability to handle responsibility - a short line shows a lack of understanding and empathy with responsibility.

The Line of Apollo / Sun Line
This is often a short line appearing to begin under the ring finger (Mount of Apollo). 

This line denotes artistic talent and implies the person has a creative nature. It can also indicate fame, a love of the limelight or a prominent scandal.

The Line of Mercury / Health Line
Climbing from the base of the hand towards the little finger and the Mound of Mercury, this line often does not appear on the hand at all or can be very faint.

Where present, the nervous system is denoted by this line but not having one is no cause for concern. Often the line indicates self-improvement, business acumen and a propensity towards effective communication.

Girdle of Venus
The girdle of Venus starts between the little and ring finger, it arcs under the ring and middle fingers and stops in the gap between the middle and pointer finger.

The girdle of Venus is thought to show an ability to manipulate and a high dgree of emotional intelligence.

Union Lines
Situated on the outside edge of your palm below the little finger these little horizontal lines signify the number of important, defining relationships you may have.

The longer and more defined the line, the more prominence these "unions" will have in your life.

Travel Lines
On the outside edge of the palm near the wrist, straight, horizontal lines signify important trips and travel you're likely to take.

The longer and more defined the line, the more prominence these "trips" will have in your life. These can be for business, for pleasure or even denote emigration.

Children Lines
Just underneath the little finger above the life and head lines there may be small horizontal lines.

These are said to denote how many children you are likely to have.


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