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The major lines


The majority of the reading is done by looking at the lines on the palm of your hand. Not everyone has every line so don't worry if you don't see them all!

The Major Lines

The Life Line
Beginning at the edge of the hand between the thumb and forefinger the life line continues downward around the thumb area.

It does NOT indicate length of life but rather denotes the persons vitality, the state of health and their enthusiasm for life in general.

A broken life line can mean a change in direction in career, a significant relocation or upheaval in your love life.

A straight or short line can mean an incurious nature and limited life and love experience.

The Head Line
Starting on or near the beginning of the life line the head line spreads horizontally across the hand towards the outer side of the palm.

The head line is read to signify the person's innate mental capacity, their intelligence and thirst for knowledge. A long head line can be seen as an indication of deep thinking and of a person who spends a lot of time lost in thought or over analyzing. 

A head line that is very curvy signifies intuitive and imaginative thinking. A very straight line denotes someone more logical and straight thinking.

A long, deep line shows a long memory and a tendency towards dwelling. A shorter, wavy line shows forgetfulness or a wondering attention span.

The Heart Line
Normally beginning around the forefinger and running across the top of the palm and finishing below the "mount of Mercury" the heart line is usually the third most prominent line.

Sensitivity and the emotional state and capacity of the person is read by this line. Where a line starts further along the palm, i.e. under the middle finger, a person is likely to be shallow and materialistic in love.

Where the line is situated low on the hand, the persons heart rules the head. A high line represents the opposite.

The straighter the line the more a person keeps their emotions to themselves. The curvier it is the more vocalizing of frustrations and thoughts are expected.

A long line shows a tendancy towards romanticism and a short line shows a lack of interest in the emotional side of a love affair.

The heart line can also be used to indicate cardiac health and depression too.

NOTE: When only ONE horizontal line is present across the upper hand, it denotes that the person is not ruled by either head nor heart and can often be intense, insistent and forthright.


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