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Hand shape


Everything about your hand can give a palmist clues as to what kind of person you are and what lies in store for you.

A palmist will not just look at the lines on your palm they will also take into account the size and shape of your hands. The shape of your fingers and your thumbs, the prominence of your knuckles and mounds (the other side of the knuckles) and even your finger nails say something about you.

For the purposes of a reading your hand shapes are divided into elemental types that help define the persons temper and personality.

Broad, square palms and fingers - Earth hands

Physical characteristics: Hands are very square-set with boxy fingers and thumbs and square-ish fingernails. The skin is usually coarse and thick in texture. The colour is reddish and ruddy. Has fewer but deeper lines.

Personality type:  An Earth hand denotes level-headedness and a no-nonsense approach to life. They prefer physical to intellectual pursuits and are often very practical people who work with their hands or outdoors. Earth types are often skeptical of "fortune telling".

Long fingers and prominent knuckles - Air hands

Physical characteristics:
A square-ish or rectangular palm with long, sometimes tapered, fingers, low-set thumbs and fairly prominent knuckles. Skin is often dry and a little pale. Has many lines which are lighter in definition.

Personality type: An Air hand suggests someone who is naturally curious and imaginative. They tend to have nervous dispositions and can be prone to anxiety and stress. They are social creatures but often internalize their feelings making them seem cold and not very emphatic.

Short oval palms and long, thin, flexible fingers - Water hands

Physical characteristics:
A squat and sometimes oval-shaped palm. Fingers are long, often thin and flexible. Skin is soft and supple. Has fewer but deeper lines.

Personality type: A Fire hand reveals an energetic, go-getter type. They hate to be unoccupied and are often inpatient. These types are often highly individual and inspirational. They're a force to be reckoned with but can also come across as overwhelming and bullying.

Short rectangle or square palms and short fingers - Fire hands

Physical characteristics:
Palms are square or rectangular and usually greater in length than fingers. Skin is flushed or pink-ish. Fingers are squat but not usually blunt. Has many lines which are lighter in definition.

Personality type: A Water hand denotes sensitivity and emotional intelligence. An artistic nature is often associated with Water types. They're keenly attuned to their feelings and the feelings of others which can make it tough for them to cope with stressful environments.


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