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Soulmates: How do you know if you are soulmates?

Soulmates: How do you know if you are soulmates?


1) How does he dress?

Believe it or not, a man’s clothes gives away more about him than what we think...as will yours to him.

Even on a spiritual level what you and he wear will have a big impact on your relationship initially - this can actually lead to a make-or-break situation with a new crush; whether we know it or not, we size up someone in a split second the first time see them.

Does your soulmate wear a suit? © Hemera
Does your soulmate wear a suit? © Hemera

Take some time to go through the men’s sections in your local shops. Note down the colours and styles that jump out at you - this is your intuition giving you clues about the style of clothes he will be wearing when you first meet him.

To give you an example: if you are drawn to expensive European suits, designer underwear & clothing, Rolex watches and expenses leather briefcases, it means you will actually be spiritually attracted to someone in a powerful job profession such as a city banker or lawyer, and this type of man will be spiritually attracted to a woman who wears: simple and elegant accessories, and a mixture of corporate and vibrant colours.


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