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Soulmates: How do you know if you are soulmates?

Soulmates: How do you know if you are soulmates?


Do you connect? © Goodshoot
Do you connect? © Goodshoot

6) Do your souls connect?

How do you both connect? Does he know when you are upset, and you he? Does he sometimes finish off your sentence and you his? Does he always know what to say and how to act?  Does he look you in the eyes when you’re talking to him? Does he praise you..or put you down?
Does he really sit down and listen to you if you’ve got something on your mind? Other ways to know if he’s your true soulmate include he will want to do things that please you, which could include buying you flowers, always being on time, not getting home late; or he’ll ask and appreciate your advice. These may seem like small signals but in actual fact are really significant. So keep an eye out for any of these signs.

7) How deep is your love connection?

Does he make you feel like the Only Girl in the World? How do you feel when you are being intimate with your man? Do you feel warmth rising within you? Do you feel just right? When you kiss do his lips and kissing style just feel spot on?

And when you are in the bedroom do you feel an invisible energy surrounding your bodies making you feel as if you are one person? Also does it feel like you’re ‘making love’ as opposed to ‘having sex’?

If you or he goes away on a trip does it feel like a part of you is missing? When you’re feeling down or low and your partner cuddles you, do you feel healed? If you can answer yes to at least three of these questions then you definitely have a ‘keeper’.


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