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Soulmates: How do you know if you are soulmates?

Soulmates: How do you know if you are soulmates?


Do you feel like you've always known eachother? © Comstock
Do you feel like you've always known eachother? © Comstock

2) Do you feel like you’ve known him for longer than you actually have?

Some women who are dating, or in a serious relationship are struck by the feeling, ‘strangely’ like they have known him for far longer than is actually the case. That’s because they have...in a previous life. Those who have been entwined in previous lives always find each other and make an instant connection, meaning that they are in fact destined to meet up with each other in this life.

The reasons we come together again are many. In some cases it’s ‘unrequited love’ like Romeo and Juliet. Or something happened in the past that stopped you and your partner from marrying, for example; a man that went out to war after/during an engagement and never got the chance to return home to marry his soulmate. Whatever the reason, soulmates will always find each other.

3) Where is your intuition guiding you?

Many women don’t keep in tune with their intuition as they are so focused on what the media tells them is the perfect look, or what is right for them in a man. Intuition is the only thing we have that gives us clarity on what is good for us, and what is bad, and in this day and age, using our intuition is more important than ever.

Meditate, dream, listen more to gut instincts, any first waking thoughts and get back in touch with your intuition. There are many signs in your dreams. Train yourself to think about what you just dreamt and how that made you feel.

Intuition can also come through the feelings you get in your body... men describe those as gut feelings, women often describe them as goosebumps, or butterflies. You can also tell your instinct is working if you suddenly feel heat/cold somewhere in your body.


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