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Botox? So last year...
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Pretox 20


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It seems that there really is such a thing as a miracle in a jar. It comes in the form of Pretox 20, an injection-free alternative to botox.

Celeb fans include Halle Berry, Donna Air and Patsy Palmer. It is an easy-to-use, fast-absorbing gel that helps with problems like frown lines, crows feet, laughter lines and droopy brows. It can also be used in conjunction with clinical treatments, to help extend the life of your procedure.

Hexapeptide is the active ingredient that gives the effects of botox, but because it is being topically applied to the muscle, rather than directly injected, the results won’t be as long lasting or as dramatic.

Ann McPherson, 40, a sales manager from Ealing says the product gives her skin a more refined look, making lines less noticeable. ‘You can feel it work almost instantly and it has long term results,’ says Ann.

For more info visit www.medik8.co.uk and for stockists call 020 8997 8541.


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