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Microdermabrasion facial


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Many day spas now offer this treatment as part of their spa experience so if you want to feel pampered and relaxed as well as look younger this is the treatment for you.

‘We use a hand-held machine to deliver natural mineral crystals directly to the skin, which resurfaces it by providing a deep exfoliation,’ explains spa therapist, Rachel Brun.

It’s great for acne scarring, lines and sun damage. Practitioners recommend a course of treatments for more challenging problems.

‘It takes time to see results with things like scarring,’ says Rachel. ‘So for optimum results we’d recommend a course of between 10 and 20 treatments, but it’s also important to use the right products in between to make sure your skin doesn’t react.’

The microdermabrasion itself takes 30 minutes and is followed by a soothing mask to calm the skin and, to complete your pampering experience, a neck and shoulder massage.

This treatment is widely available in day spas across the country, visit www.spafinder.co.uk to find one near you.


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