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Botox? So last year...
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The A-lift


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If you’re looking for something altogether less clinical but still with great effects and with the added bonus of being botanical-based, then try this treatment.

‘The aim is to get your skin functioning at its optimum level,’ says Susanne Williams, the UK educational director of DMK, a US-based paramedical skin company. ‘The procedure encourages oxygenation of the skin using plant enzymes, which provide nutrition to the cells and promote healthy skin regeneration.’

The effect of the hour-long treatment, which is applied like a mask, is tighter skin all over the face. After an initial course of six to 10 treatments you will need a top up every six months.

Elaine Skelhorn, 44, a nurse from Merseyside has had six treatments. ‘The effects are immediately noticeable,’ she says. ‘I wanted to get rid of the lines around my eyes and mouth and I looked into treatments like botox, but I like the DMK philosophy of working with your skin.’

To find out more about the treatment or to find your nearest practitioner visit www.dmk-uk.com or call 020 7291 4449


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