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Obagi Peel


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This is sometimes known as the blue peel, because a dye is added so that practitioners can see where it is working.

Don’t expect your skin to peel immediately; it takes a few days for the trichloroacetic acid used in the treatment to break down the layers of skin. When this happens your surface skin will peel off, revealing the peachy, wrinkle-free skin underneath.

‘You will need to prepare your skin with specially prescribed products for around 12 weeks before having the peel,’ explains Lisa Littlehales, clinical nurse and regional manger of The Harley Medical Group.

The procedure itself takes up to 30 minutes and is just like having a blue facemask on, except patients will feel the heat on their skin as the peel works its magic. Good for anyone with dull, lacklustre skin, lines and wrinkles or pigmentation.

This treatment is a commitment but, on the plus side, as long as you keep up with your skin care afterwards, there is no need to repeat the procedure again.

For more information visit www.harleymedical.co.uk or call 0800 085 4984 for your nearest clinic.


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